Drama Stars

Drama classes for ages 10 - 12

1.5-hour Sessions, Elwood, weekends only in term time

What’s it all about?

We are different to many other drama schools. We aim to develop creative artists, capable of producing their own work.  By developing acting techniques, and having confidence in the ability to make the right choices for you. 

We explore a variety of techniques and genres across stage and screen. From melodrama to mine. We use original materials as well as developing and devising our own ideas through a creative process to find what brings out the best performance for us.  

This is the age where teens want to discover what it means to act and perform and how to succeed creatively, engaging an audience and creating believable, compelling performances that stand out.  

How the classes work

Each term we take a different focus:

  1. Starting with looking at existing scripts and monologues, to learn how we perform great writing well. We learn what characters we are suited to,  drawing from our own experiences to create unique performances.
  2. Maintaining the element of play and creativity, how we can bring our own ideas to performance, how we strive to take risks, explore and feel confident in our choices. Developing our ideas through devising and writing in performance.
  3. Working towards a professional theatrical showcase, with scripts or monologues, working with directors, adding attention to detail and giving our best performance. 
  4. Working on a screen project, how to develop ideas with a group, organise and storyboard scenes through improvisation and script writing to shoot and produce an original project. 

Why we’re different

Expected Outcomes

A grounded approach to creating original work. 

A fully developed understanding of what it means to be an artist, being able to create your own work and opportunities for yourself. 

The importance of creativity and play, and how we need to maintain this approach and continuously develop and reassess our skills throughout our creative lives.

In 2022, we will focus on group work to start to build our collaboration skills and bond the groups in working well together and having fun, then we will progress to working in pairs to develop our communication skills, and finally we will look at developing characters with short monologues to build our confidence and speaking skills.

All the while using the children’s creative input to full fill our 4 Aims at Immerse Drama, which we believe provides excellent life skills, fun, and a firm foundation for working in the arts industry. 

Creativity – Communication – Collaboration – Confidence

All our classes are taught by experienced, industry professional artists, and overseen by the founder Gemma, who is an active actor, writer, and director.

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