Drama Incursions for ELC and Primary

Immerse Drama offer educational, interactive incursions, led by experienced industry professionals that the children will love!

The workshops are engaging, educational and fun, with a strong focus on participation and self-expression. There is something for everyone in our drama incursions.

Incursions are offered in a variety of lengths and themes all of which have terrific educational value

More than just play

Immerse Drama incursions for Early learning centres and both primary and high schools across Victoria are about more than just play. They incorporate health, social and emotional wellbeing, cognitive thinking, literacy, and communication through:

Every student leaves with skills and knowledge that will help them in life and in a creative career if they wish to pursue this.

Different themed programs

We have a wide range of incursions to suit the different age ranges, starting with story explorations in our Drama Dot’s program, to our signature workshops for primary and high school and our specific drama technique classes.

Remember these aren’t just any old programs – each one corresponds directly to the Australian Curriculum.

For ELC and lower primary

Our regular sessions open the Drama Box each week and the children go on exciting adventures with music, dance and drama of course, following different themes and stories each week, developing confidence and key motor skills through creative learning.

We have a wide range of themed sessions to allow a new adventure each week, across a 2-year program.

Choose sessions from one of our 4 fun categories


Adventure programs, explore different countries and places.


Follow narration and roleplay fairy tales, and modern stories.


Exploring different animals and their habitats.


From cowboys to clowns, explore new skills

Watch our Drama Dot's Teachers in action!

Choose a package which fits your needs

Weekly Sessions For ages 0 upwards

We work with the little ones all the way through to high school and can select the right timings for your group to have a regular weekly session. We will appoint a drama specialist to your center or school and deliver a different theme or exploration each week for you. With this program, you can also let us know what you might be working on in class, to see if we have a session that aligns with this at the right time.

We have a wide variety of themes and workshops and can always design a new one just for you.

Single themed Incursions
Ages 3+

Are you looking for one off session to boost creativity in your center or school, then we can make this work for you! This also is a great way to try out our sessions and see if it something that you may want to introduce regularly. We often visit centers and school with the same program for each year group, why change something, when you have found what works for you!

4 – 6-week explorations
Ages 3 +

From 45 – 60 mins sessions

Enjoy our themed incursions spread out over 6 sessions.  This 6-week exploration incursion is highly recommended to get true depth in learning and really explore the story and characters and practice for the final performance. Families love these performances!

Performance Workshops

We deliver a theme or story workshop, then practice by either following narration for the younger ones, or working as an ensemble to have a performance in a short space of time. This can be a half day for ages 3 – 7, or a full day for ages 7 +

Our Themed Incursions


Jungle Safari with Timmy Tiger

We start on safari, we meet Timmy Tiger, with a little roar, as he explores the jungle, we meet other animals and learn what is unique about each one, reflecting on ourselves and how we are all different, this fun adventure story helps understand jungle life through music and movement and show empathy to the characters through role play.

Somebody swallowed Stanley

Put on your goggles, blow the bubbles and down we go! Down to the depths of the sea to explore the creatures that lie beneath. Somebody swallowed Stanley, follows the story of a plastic bag, whilst having fun under the water, we learn about the importance to protect our earth.

The Ant and The Grasshopper

Exploring garden life in Aesop’s fable. This story teaches an important lesson about priorities and responsibility. We look at the choices the characters can make and the consequences they have, posing an important question to the children of which outcome they believe is best for everyone?

The Gruffallo

Join us with this children’s favorite book, lets head into the woods, we explore all the characters, narrate the story, and sing along to the original music.

Room on the Broom

Join us with this children’s favorite book, as we clamber onto the broom, we explore all the characters, narrate the story, and sing along to the original music.

The Rabbit and the Turtle

Believe in yourself!

Another of Aesop’s famous tales, we explore the story, starting with life on the farm for the rabbit, working in pairs, we explore the characters, the journey, the race, and how we can achieve things we might not think we can, by believing we can! Slow and steady…with a pinch of patience, we discuss mindful techniques to help us focus and slow down.

Jet Set Go

Exploring different cultures

Pack your bags and jump aboard with Excellent Airways, your pilot takes you to several destinations around the world, discovering the different foods, music, dance and cultural experiences. This fast paced adventure is jam packed full of fun, it can be extended in a longer 6 week session or repeated with different countries.

The Hungry Caterpillar

Going on a bear hunt

Santa on a Sleigh

Our original rhyming story follows Santa as he flies through the sky, meeting a few different characters on his way, with songs and music to get us into the festive party spirit!

For Primary and High school

Our drama sessions, provide a sensory, memorable experience, that engages students in being present, developing empathy, and knowing everyone has a part to play.
Choose from one of signature incursions based around our 4 Aims


A workshop boosting confidence and teaching directing and leadership skills


Exploring different stimuli to spark ideas to inform our performance work


Developing storytelling skills by watching and listening through roleplay


Teamwork tactics to explore what It means to work as an ensemble cast

Each of these and they can be from a 60 min to full day session. These can be adapted to work on ANY theme/story to suit your needs.

We recommend our 4-session “Immerse me “package provides a well-rounded exploration of actor performance and devising techniques, and the skills needed to work as an ensemble to create and produce a final product. These are transferrable life skills to any industry, and an invaluable lesson.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” Confucius
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Alternatively choose from one of our 6 themed incursions: It’s all so emotional, working with words, I like to move it, Creating characters, once upon a time, stage or screen scene.

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