Drama Seeds

Drama classes for Primary School kids aged 4-7

1 Hour Sessions, Weekly during school terms.
Located in Elwood, Ripponlea and Port Melbourne.

What’s It all about?

We aim to develop key skills by igniting children’s imaginations with a place to play, be creative and develop confidence. 
This is the age when children want to perform!  Our term time classes focus on a different story or theme over a whole term which then finishes with a final performance presentation.

How it works

Each week, we introduce technique as well as the story or theme, everyone has a chance to play any part as we learn we are going to work together. We devise theatre, where everyone’s ideas can be used and they can choose how much they want to participate.

In the second half of term, we define our roles as we start to bring our ideas together to shape a performance, the children now need to make decisions as an ensemble, collaborating their ideas in one direction.

Then it’s Time to shine! Our final presentation is a combination of everything we have done in class, so no lines to learn, no pressure of getting it right or wrong, just to put the story together, define their role and show what they have done.

Why Choose Us

Our program is different to many others out there because:

Expected Outcomes

By having a final performance, the children have a great sense of achievement and ownership in their work, they learn to focus, use their memories and work together to make the show go on. By using their voice in performance, they develop their self-esteem and public speaking presentation skills which are key transferable skills in life!

The children create bonds with their peers and teachers, in the memories they make whilst having fun, and bringing their stories to life and learning from each other.

In 2022, we will focus on group work to start to build our collaboration skills and bond the groups in working well together and having fun, then we will progress to working in pairs to develop our communication skills, and finally we will look at developing characters with short monologues to build our confidence and speaking skills.

All the while using the children’s creative input to full fill our 4 Aims at Immerse Drama, which we believe provides excellent life skills, fun, and a firm foundation for working in the arts industry. 


Creativity – Communication – Collaboration – Confidence


All our classes are taught by experienced, industry professional artists, and overseen by the founder Gemma, who is an active actor, writer, and director.


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