Teen course
Open to all - No auditions
ages 12 - 17

What is the perfect part for you?

Everything, I hear you cry! So come and play!

As creatives, we love exploring all the options and having fun varying between comedy and drama. Our course is open to all, so if you just want to play, or hone your acting skills, we will provide the perfect place to nurture and explore this and develop your talent.

In this course, you will explore a wide range of roles,  whilst discovering performance techniques, under guidance from our professional directors and teachers.

Whilst learning about yourself, you will also learn what are the key roles that will showcase your best talents and how to work towards a professional production.

The result?

You will have some strong confident characters that you know work for you, and a final scene and monologue to showcase and get you ready for auditions should you choose to venture further into the arts industry.

Our creative acting

At Immerse drama, one of our Key aims – Creativity

After working in the industry and hearing feedback from Casting directors, we know that a down-to-earth, creative, actor that can think for themselves and understand their unique talents is key to sucess.

We want to challenge and immerse you in drama, leaving you feeling confident about approaching ANY role!

Become an equipped actor with the ability to direct and produce, to create opportunities for yourself, by learning how to create your own work.

Term Classes

Elwood – Wednesday and Saturdays

Middle Park Tuesdays

Limited Places with only 15 per group max.

No auditions are needed, all we need is your passion and imagination!


Check out our Character Creations from term 2

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    Adult Classes – Elwood Thursday Ages 18+

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    Teen Course – Thursday Ages 12+

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In the first couple of weeks, we will look at how we can play, we create characters through improvisations and in script work. By doing this, we open ourselves up to discover what roles we enjoy playing and do well.


We then move on to scene and script analysis, we work out what is happening in the scene, and start to think about the choices we can make in approaching the role.


Now we play again, lets look at the different ways we can approach scenes, there is no right answer, so lets play, class is like an actor's gym, lets try and train, and make exciting discoveries to grow our confidence.


By now we should be confident in how we make choices when approaching scenes, either scripted or improvised, so we refine this and find a couple of key characters and roles that we do well to showcase.

Our approach to acting

Stage 1 - Ensemble work

Improvisation and devising - Let’s learn to play and make-believe!

Learning to trust your impulses and instincts is key, one of the best ways to do this is to make ourselves as open to new ideas and finding new ways to play. We will explore Ice breakers and trust exercises to create a positive ensemble.

During this stage, you will be introduced to a wide range of techniques ranging from Theatresports games, physical theatre and finding the ability to discover characters, use different stimuli to create story, and introduce different performance strategies from Stanislavski to Meisner.

The idea here is to establish what technique works for you to create the most believable performance, if you believe it, the audience will, and that is the key to exciting actors!

Stage 2 - TEXT and scenes

Introducing scripts - Analysis and Devising 

Here, we will introduce text and look at how we connect with others when in a scene, how can we be truly present in the moment, we will do this deconstructing texts and intentions.

We will work on the given circumstances and  backstory of your characters, explore the writer’s intentions and what impact you can choose to have on a scene in creating your character.

We will look at vocal and physical exercises to approach character, again exploring a wide range of approaches, so you can find what works for you. You will be directed by our talented teachers and guest directors and work in a variety of formats from groups to pairing up for scenes. After exploring texts, we will then look at creating our stories and scenes, bringing our passion and ideas to life.

We will rehearse and showcase these within the classes.

Stage 3- Monologues

Defining characters  - What role works for you

In this section, we again start with traditional texts for monologues and do some script analysis, then we play again, the best part!

We will look at a variety of approaches to text from linear traditional narratives to contemporary approaches. We will explore how you can use a range of characters on the same piece, give consensual and constructive feedback, and  learn to direct each other’s work.

We will then write a final monologue that fits a character and story that we just LOVE to play, when you are confident in the role, you will excel the most!

We will rehearse and showcase these within the classes before moving onto stage 4.

Stage 4 - Your Choice

Rehearse and perform - Refining Techniques

In this section, we will choose what we have enjoyed the most and develop this further to have a final piece to showcase. This will be a choice of the actors, either a scene or a monologue, either way, playing the part that you feel works for you and are confident with.

These will all be original pieces, that together we will write through either text or improvisation, direct and produce and polish so that we have a killer showcase.

A final Showcase Performance

We are confident that our skills as directors and teachers will bring out the best in you and your work, we will guide everyone through the process being open to your ideas and seeing how we can challenge you, and get your best work.

We will host a ticketed professional end-of-year showcase, at a theatre venue for all partcipants to be part of. We will invite industry casting and agents along to see your work and make sure that we have fun as well as produce a high-standard show.

And when your left wanting more?

We will then provide details of how we can keep you going through the following year, with a similar structure, but always introducing new skills, techniques and people to play with!

Who is running the show?

Founder, Gemma Flannery will be teaching and directing the sessions, with specialist directors/teachers coming on later in the year.

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