Drama Buds

Drama classes for Primary School kids aged 8-10/12

1.5 Hour Sessions, Weekly during school terms
Located in Elwood, Ripponlea and Port Melbourne.

What’s It all about?

We aim to develop play-based learning into characters and performance skills for stage and screen. Developing drama through devising and creative expression. 

This is the age where children want to develop their skills, and challenge themselves in their abilities, as they discover and learn more about themselves, their peers and drama techniques.

How it works

In our 1.5-hour classes, we look deeper into the techniques we can explore, what we enjoy, and where we feel comfortable showcasing our skills. We look at different genres from comedy to drama, through both exploring stagecraft and screen acting.

Through stagecraft we learn what is needed across all aspects to put on a show, and in our screen projects, we learn on camera techniques, and how to engage an audience.

Why Choose Us

Our program is different to many others out there because

Expected Outcomes

They will continue to work as an ensemble, developing key collaboration skills, which will be transferable in life to learning that success comes from learning and working with others well.

They will be introduced to a variety of techniques in which they can start to choose what works well for them, what characters and roles they want to continue to focus on and what their strengths and weaknesses are that they can develop.

In 2022, we will focus on group work to start to build our collaboration skills and bond the groups in working well together and having fun, then we will progress to working in pairs to develop our communication skills, and finally we will look at developing characters with short monologues to build our confidence and speaking skills.

All the while using the children’s creative input to full fill our 4 Aims at Immerse Drama, which we believe provides excellent life skills, fun, and a firm foundation for working in the arts industry. 

Creativity – Communication – Collaboration – Confidence

All our classes are taught by experienced, industry professional artists, and overseen by the founder Gemma, who is an active actor, writer, and director.

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