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Program you attended
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"We loved our session with Gemma at Immerse Drama She was creative, used a variety of tools and created a space for TIC THE EARLY PARENTING my children to participate in drama, dance & singing, all via zoom. VILLAGE Highly recommend participation for all ages. My children (aged 5 and 8) did an online drama class with Gemma and they loved it. Gemma managed to keep them engaged for the entire session, they both loved it. Gemma guides the participants through a series of activities while still letting them use their own imaginations. Highly recommend. ”
Jacqueline Dunbar & Lucy
"We have done online drama classes. My 4yr old loves it, Gemma was very engaging and understanding of the children. Highly recommend”
- Jacqueline Dunbar & Lucy -
"Kool Kidz Brighton was lucky enough to have Gemma come out to entertain the children at our "Hi" Tea. The children loved the program and were thoroughly entertained. I would personally recommend this service to anyone who thinks their child/ren would enjoy a drama session. "
- Kool Kidz - Olivia Birrel -
Educational Leader
"The best outcome of our Performance Workshop was seeing how confident the children were performing and the engagement of the entire centre in the day."
- Rebecca Scott -
"We love how the theme of the week can be incorporated into our class, the children learn a lot of social skills as well as having fun!”
- Maria Cortez - Richmond -
"The best drama classes with highly skilled, innovative, and nurturing teachers. My daughter started classes with Immerse Drama at age 4.5 years. I thought she might be a bit young, but she was beautifully welcomed and given roles that were appropriate to her level. She loves the school holiday programs. Immerse drama offers opportunity for children to explore, indulge their imaginations, meet friends, and evolve their self-confidence. Highly recommend!"
- Jodie van der Elst -
"Perfect class or activity for your kids! My daughter loves it, and she is relatively shy. The classes help bring out her personality develop her confidence. She always has so much fun.”
- Dan Bamber -
"I did an adult immerse Drama course with Gemma for a couple of months 2years ago . I had never done acting before on stage , but always had an interest to learn & develop that side of my artistic self. Well I did it yay. We performed at a beautiful venue during the Melbourne arts festival, & Gemma gave me the confidence to develop my character & dialogue in a safe environment , without feeling insecure or intimidated."
- Robyn Mclachlan -
"I highly recommend her course for beginners or the more experienced’ actors - it’s a great ride , with a great woman.”
- Katherine Burgess -
"We have had Immerse Drama at our centre for weekly sessions for 2 years now and love how the children get the chance to perform."
- Chelsea Jensen - Clifton Hill -
"Gemma brings so much energy and enthusiasm to her sessions. My 5 year old daughter enjoyed joining in with the games and actions. She was engaged for most of the session - which is amazing as she doesn’t usually stay focused when using Zoom."
Thank you Gemma
"My son loves drama with Gemma, he is always asking when the next class is! Gemma is a wonderful teacher, very engaging and encouraging with the kids."
- Charlotte Crawford -
"My son has loved every session of Drama...he counts down the days, hours and seconds until he can be with Gemma and his drama crew! Gemma has such a wonderful way with children and I can’t recommend the class highly enough! Gemma has embraced my sons enthusiasm and love for the art and is guiding him in the right direction. Immerse Drama rocks ”
- Lisa Richards -
"Gemma is a wonderful teacher, engaging and encouraging with my 5-year-old. Would highly recommend her classes."
- Kendra Wright -