Drama Bubs and Dots

Imaginative play for ages 0 - 4

Our exciting classes are a fantastic option to introduce to creativity, story, music and movement

What’s It all about?

Are you looking for a fun class for your little ones? 

 Look no further. Immerse Drama offers Drama Bub’s and Dots for babies and Children.

 An immersive, imagination-expanding experience that the kids will absolutely love!  

Our creative sessions are the perfect introduction to drama for children aged 0-4 years. We run weekly sessions, incursions and parties and events 

How it works

In our Drama Classes, the children sing and dance using their imaginations. They roleplay with props to create an immersive experience. 

Dramatic play is a natural progression from toddlerhood story-telling in nursery rhymes or action stories for children.

We aim to develop creative energy across different disciplines such as dancing, acting , music appreciation and performance all while developing their fine motor development and teamwork skills.  

We run weekly classes, Incursions, parties, and events.

Drama Bubs sessions are 20 – 30 min sessions and are designed for carers and children to play together. 

Suitable for Ages from 6 Months – 1 Year and 1 – 2.5 Years.

Drama Dots sessions are 45 minutes and are active classes where the children follow along to replay, music and movement whilst learning and having fun! 

Suitable for age 2 – 4

What do we do?

We open the drama box, to reveal the theme of the week, and we just love to see the excitement on the little ones faces as we count 123 and open up and see what’s inside!

Using a fantastic range of props, puppets and instruments, our adventures come to life.

With over 20 years’ experience in planning and preparing classes, we have 2 years’ worth of classes for your little ones to progress through, exploring our 4 categories.

Jet set go – We explore different places and countries from France to the moon!

Storytime – We explore traditional tales from 3 little pigs to going on a bear hunt

Animal Antics – Exploring roleplay through different animals and their habitats

Fiction Fun – From cowboys to clowns we explore new skills! 

What will children learn?

Through story and games, music, dance and movement your child will be introduced to literature, different cultures and explore roleplay.

We focus on our 4 aims Communication, Creativity, Confidence and Collaboration.

We use dramatic play to engage your child’s self-awareness, develop language and speaking skills, problem solving and creative thinking, enjoying this journey with their peers and friends they make in class.

When children play make believe, their learn about themselves and others, and gain a deeper understanding of story and empathy of the characters and worlds we explore.

How do i get involved?

If you are a center looking to tick all the boxes for your Incursions, then get in touch and we can come and deliver an exciting session for you to try, and then have us as your regular incursion!

Discounts are available for multiple bookings.

If you are a parent, enquire to see if we have a class near you, you can check our timetable, and if we don’t, we are always happy to come and start a class with at least 5 attending!

If you are looking for a one off Incursion, you can choose from our 60 minute themed sessions for ages 3+

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