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Kool Kidz Brighton was lucky enough to have Gemma come. The children loved the program and were thoroughly entertained. I would personally recommend this service to anyone who thinks their children would enjoy a drama session.
Immerse Drama Rocks!
Fantastic classes, my daughter attended a Performance workshop and in just a few hours learnt key skills and was confident to perform whilst getting the chance to play and dress up, we will be back!
Immerse Drama Rocks!

School Holiday Program

Term 1 Classes


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See our INCURSIONS to see how we fit into the EYLF Framework
We deliver sessions to all ages from 0 upwards, single sessions, performance workshops and weekly classes for your center.
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Fun, Games, Music, Dance and Drama !


Incursions for ELC and Primary Our Themed incursions, explore relevant topics through story, music, dance and drama, letting the children roleplay and think about morals, character decisions, empathise and enjoy taking part as a performer and working as an ensemble.

We run Weekly sessions for the whole centre from 0-5 at ELC

With Kindergarten, we often work towards performing for our peers, providing entertainment for the whole centre or school.

Our Performance Workshops are for ages 4+. This is a half day workshop, resulting in the performance with music, curtains, props and costumes for all!

Drama Dots - Ages 2-5

These active, and creative classes involve Music, Dance, Drama, exploring literature and stories with a wide range of skills.

After School - Ages 6 - 12

Classes can take place at school or a local location, we learn drama games, warm ups, actor techniques, improvisations, creating characters and exploring scripts leading to performance.

Performance workshops / School holiday sessions

We often run specialised one-off classes leading to a performance, or school holiday half and full day sessions.

Private sessions still running on Zoom

1 On 1 Coaching

We are continuing our 1 on 1 sessions on Zoom – Indefinitely Audition prep, Improvisation, Script work, Direction and Scene work.

What do you want to learn or develop?

Actor warm ups, techniques on creating characters and approaching scripts?

Perfect a monologue or scene?

Perform for live theatre?

Record your work – The perfect self-tape?

Audition preparation?

Start your own YouTube or mini-series?


Improve confidence by encouraging ideas, voicing opinions and celebrating how unique we all are.


Unleash creativity and imagination through dramatic play that introduce different themes and stories.


Build communication skills with group and partner work, developing speaking and listening abilities.


Develop collaborative skills by working as an ensemble, watching and learning as we see everyone shine.

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