Drama Incursions Melbourne

Halloween Performance Workshop

We follow this modern story, exploring the different characters and locations with music and narrative.
Full costumes and curtain – all ready for showtime!
This is a 2 hour workshop, either done in two-parts or on one day with final performance.
Suitable for ages 3 upwards.

Under the Sea

Put on your goggles, blow the bubbles and down we go!
Down to the depths of the sea to explore the creatures that lie beneath.
The lonely starfish is stuck and it seems everyone has left. Come along on our adventure to become different creatures.
Using costumes and music to create a surprise reunion, exploring the importance of the environment and pollution.

A Pirate’s Tale

Let’s pack our bags and start on an adventure across the seas.
Escaping to paradise on a desert island sounds fun, but not when pirates are in the mix!
We explore what it’s like to be on a pirate ship, the storms at sea and the hunt for treasure.
With costumes and a movie soundtrack, this journey takes us for an exciting ride!

Jungle Safari Adventure

It’s time to jump continents and head into the depths of the jungle.
We start our adventure exploring on safari, and as we meet some friendly jungle animals, they invite us into their world.
However, all is not as it seems. It can be scary in the jungle. How can we survive? Who is the King of the Jungle?
With costumes and music this adventure explores the importance of friendship and working together.

Simon & Sally’s Space Adventure

As you zoom past the stars and into the universe, there are some wonderful planets we can chose to explore.
What will we find there? Who lives there? What is there to do?
Within this workshop the children will play some fun space games, work together collaborating to build spaceships, and explore their movements through music when responding to the different places they encounter on this journey.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!

The Ant and The Grasshopper

The Ant and the Grasshopper teaches readers an important lesson about priorities and responsibility.
In this lesson, we’ll look at the consequences of the grasshopper’s actions and how the ant approached winter: well prepared.
The children explore the different characters and the elements to garden life. They are then are led through the story exploring the different possible outcomes dependent on the decisions the ant and the grasshopper make, and if they choose to help each other.

Fairytale Kingdom

Exploring different elements to fairytales, the different places and characters we can encounter.
Can we build our very own castle? Can we become some of the characters who live there? Can we explore how fun it might be to live in a fairytale world with princes and princesses, knights and dragons and kings and queens?
As we explore different characters we create our own story and it is left up to the group to decide if they all live happily ever after!

Ready Jet Set Go

Its time to pack your bags and get ready to board with Excellent Airways. Your pilot will instruct you to fasten those seatbelts as they take you to several destinations around the world!
Explore different countries where they try different foods, music, dance and cultural experiences.
Using a variety of activities and music to create different countries, we jump aboard for this fun adventure as one big group travelling in style!

The Frog Princess

This classic tale in which a princess makes a promise when she asks for help with her golden ball.
She forgets that promise but is soon reminded when the frog, looking for love, some food and a place to sleep appears at the castle. What will she do?
In this Incursion, we explore the different characters, the choices that can be made, the importance of keeping a promise and get to create the story together!

Superhero’s Save the Day

Is it a bird, or a plane – no, it’s a superhero! A speedy, smart, sneaky, strong, soaring superhero!
Get your cape power ready to explore the different powers of existing superheros (and new ones), as we discover our new powers and work towards a short performance where we get the chance to save the day. Capes and masks provided, just bring your own powers!
The children use music, props and costumes to become superheroes ready to save the day.

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