Primary & Kindergarten Incursions Melbourne.
What Happens in our Weekly Sessions?

kindergarten incursions melbourne, Kindergarten/Primary School Incursions

1 – Let’s warm up!

In each session we start with voice and body exercises – a simple but basic introduction to the key practices of theatre. It also gives the children a moment to settle into the session.

kindergarten incursions melbourne, Kindergarten/Primary School Incursions

2 – Get moving!

We use music and movement to spark their imagination and introduce our theme. This is done as a group and enables the kids to express their own unique movements in a safe space.

kindergarten incursions melbourne, Kindergarten/Primary School Incursions

3 – What’s the story?

We discuss our story or theme and start to ask individuals to express their own ideas. This is done through showing by example in circle time so we have a clear understanding as a group.

kindergarten incursions melbourne, Kindergarten/Primary School Incursions

4 – Shine time!

Exploring roleplay by working in pairs and groups, we establish the audience/performer relationship. We all watch, learn and build confidence in presenting work.

kindergarten incursions melbourne, Kindergarten/Primary School Incursions

5 – Drama stars!

We strive to follow the guidelines in the session and we celebrate this at the end of the session by choosing one child to be our Drama Star. We explain what we think they did well that week and give them a round of applause!

kindergarten incursions melbourne, Kindergarten/Primary School Incursions

6 – Session reflection

At the end of each session, the children are given a small picture to colour in as an additional activity. This enables reflection time and provides something that they can put their mark on, take home and explain to others what they have explored.

Our Incursions can be custom designed to suit your needs!

Single Incursions

These can be chosen from our Incursion themes, and we have new ones being designed all the time – so watch this space!

These sessions can be for 45 mins or for 1 hour.

They can include additional activities such as follow-on worksheets, when there is time after the session to sit down and reflect on the story by following an activity sheet or making a prop or item related to the theme.

For additional fees, a workshop can be designed specifically to fit your needs or theme. For example if you want to explore a topic that you may not see advertised, just let us know as we can develop and work to any theme, story or topic.

Weekly Incursions

Single Workshops – Exploring a story or theme, designed to suit the needs of the class. This involves music, movement, games and roleplay.

Continued Exploration – Looking at a story or script over a few sessions, we break down the narrative and characters, exploring how they move and speak with the children immersing themselves in roleplay.

Working to Performance – After a number of sessions, we can work towards a ‘Show and Tell’ style performance. As part of this, we can include some props and costumes and invite an audience. The children follow the teacher’s narration and have a memorable experience – boosting their confidence to express their work to others.


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