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Drama Incursions

Join us for an adventure in our educational, interactive sessions, led by experienced industry professionals.
Starting with yoga warm ups, voice exercises, character exploration, music, movement, role play and literature.
There is something for everyone in our sessions!

IMMERSE DRAMA have a wide and growing selection of incursion themes to choose from, with underlying morals and lessons that include:

  • Uniqueness and Diversity 
  • The Environment
  • Responsibility
  • Different Cultures
  • True Superheroes
  • Self Confidence


“Children become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing”
“Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing”


“Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination, reflexivity”
These incursions are about more than just play, they incorporate health, social and emotional wellbeing, cognitive thinking, literacy, and communication through:
  • Movement & exercise
  • Music
  • Voice exercises
  • Storytelling & scripting
  • Character exploration & role play
  • Literature
Incursions are offered in a variety of lengths, all of which have terrific educational value.
The 6-week exploration incursion is highly recommended to get true depth in learning, ending with a final performance that sums up and utilises everything they have learned. Families love these performances!


“Children interact verbally and nonverbally with other for a range of purposes”
“Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media”





What works for your Centre?


Ages 3 +

Choose from one our Incursions, or enquire if we can design a session to your specific topic/theme! You can always a try a single session to see if you think we fit for your center as a regular Incursion.

  • Sessions can be 45 – 60 Mins


Ages 3 +

Enjoy our themed incursions spread out over 6 sessions, this gives us time to explore the story and characters and practice so on our final session we can finish with an extended session and performance.

  • From 45 – 60 mins sessions


Ages 0 - 5

Choose your groups and we will deliver our fun drama program! Following our themes and leading towards performances with the older groups, these sessions and allow continuity and development.

  • Timings to suit each age group


Ages 4+

We deliver our Incursion theme, then work towards delivering a narrated performance at the end of the session, with a curtain and costumes, and invite the little ones for the audience!

  • 2.5 hours with performance

Our Themed Incursions

Jungle Safari with Timmy Tiger We are all different

We start on safari, we meet Timmy Tiger, with a little roar, as he explores the jungle, we meet other animals and learn what is unique about each one, reflecting on ourselves and how we are all different, this fun adventure story helps understand jungle life through music and movement and show empathy to the characters through role play.

Under the Sea – Sustainability Somebody swallowed Stanley

Put on your goggles, blow the bubbles and down we go! Down to the depths of the sea to explore the creatures that lie beneath. Somebody swallowed Stanley, follows the story of a plastic bag, whilst having fun under the water, we learn about the importance to protect our earth.

The Ant and The Grasshopper Extension to Mini Beasts

Exploring garden life in Aesop’s fable. This story teaches an important lesson about priorities and responsibility. We look at the choices the characters can make and the consequences they have, posing an important question to the children of which outcome they believe is best for everyone?

Santa on a Sleigh

Our original rhyming story follows Santa as he flies through the sky, meeting a few different characters on his way, with songs and music to get us into the festive party spirit!

The Gruffallo

Join us with this children’s favorite book, lets head into the woods, we explore all the characters, narrate the story, and sing along to the original music.

Room on the Broom

Join us with this children’s favorite book, as we clamber onto the broom, we explore all the characters, narrate the story, and sing along to the original music.

Superhero’s Save the Day
Clean up the planet!

Super Speed, Super Smart and Super Strong, are all at hand to clean up the planet, we put on our capes and masks, and learn to fly as we soar into superhero school. Using movement and music we explore our different options to reduce waste. Who are you going to be today, and how can you use your powers for good?

Jet Set Go
Exploring different cultures

Pack your bags and jump aboard with Excellent Airways, your pilot takes you to several destinations around the world, discovering the different foods, music, dance and cultural experiences. This fast paced adventure is jam packed full of fun, it can be extended in a longer 6 week session or repeated with different countries.

The Rabbit and the Turtle
Believe in yourself!

Another of Aesop’s famous tales, we explore the story, starting with life on the farm for the rabbit, working in pairs, we explore the characters, the journey, the race, and how we can achieve things we might not think we can, by believing we can! Slow and steady…with a pinch of patience, we discuss mindful techniques to help us focus and slow down.

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